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Is Iman (Faith) the chief ibadat or salah?


Question: Allah has sought ibadat (worship) from man and the greatest ibadat is salaah which is unacceptable without Iman. Hence pondering over this matter I understand that salah is in itself sought and Iman is a prerequisite for the salah. This is what continuously comes to mind. But at times the confusion arises that the scholars have mentioned that Iman is the greatest ibadat and salah is just a physical ibadat. Hadrat Nanotwi rahmatullahi alayhi has mentioned that salah is complete submission.  

Hadrat's Reply: This discussion is of no benefit. Just do as Allah Ta`ala has commanded us to do. There is no need to discuss what is in itself sought and what is not. We should do whatever Allah has said.

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