It is not obligatory on Allah to do that which is most beneficial for His slaves


Thursday, 18 October 2007 18:46

Hadrat once said: It is the claim of the Mu`tazilah sect that it is obligatory for Allah to do that which is most beneficial for his bondsmen. However, this is incorrect because wajib (compulsory) comes from the root word wujoob.  
Wujoob demands isti`laa (i.e. the one giving the command regards himself superior to the one he is commanding.) This is because it is the result of amr (command) and isti`laa is part of the definition of amr as mentioned in Nurul-Anwaar (pg. 28)

قول القائل لغيره على سبيل الاستعلاء افعل

i.e. to tell someone to do something whilst the commander considers himself to be superior .

Who can consider himself to be superior to Allah and make anything wajib on Him let alone that which is most appropriate for his bondsmen!