The Proof of the Simple-minded


Thursday, 18 October 2007 18:48

Imam Razi once met shaytan on a path. Both of them recognised each other. They saw a peasant drawing a plough on his shoulders. Imam Razi رحمة الله عليه asked shaytan, "Tell me! Is my Iman stronger or this peasant's?"

Shaytan replied, "This peasant's Iman is stronger. I will be able to destroy your man just by a few proofs."

Imam Razi said. "My iman is based on research and his iman is just blind following. Iman based on research is stronger than iman based on blind following."

Shaytan said, "Fine!" He then called the peasant and asked him, "How many gods are there?"

He replied, "One."

Shaytan then asked, "What if I prove to you that there are two gods?"

Immediately the peasant lifted his plough and said, "Just try to prove two gods and I will tear open your belly."

Shaytan at once fled. Who can give an answer to this man's proof?