99 reasons for pronouncing kufr and one reason for declaring Iman


Thursday, 18 October 2007 18:49

Hadrat once said: The people in South Africa call a person who studied in Egypt a 'shaikh' and one who studied in India a 'molvi'.

Once a few Egyptian shaykhs were discussing the view of the Hanafi jurists that if there ninety-nine reasons for pronouncing kufr on a person and just one reason for declaring him a believer then he will not be classified as a kafir. They had understood it in this manner, that if a person has ninety-nine factors of kufr in him but didn't have one factor of kufr, then he will not be regarded as a kafir. They had come to me asking me to explain what it really meant.

I replied, "The meaning is not what you have understood. Rather, the correct explanation is that if someone's statement has ninety nine interpretations of kufr and just one interpretation in favour of iman then we will not label him a kafir."