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Saying that Allah Ta`ala's name is bitter


A person went to a tobacconist and asked him to show him the different varieties of tobacco. After being shown many varieties he asked for yet a stronger (more bitter) blend. The shopkeeper showed him more varieties but again he requested for an even bitter blend. After being shown even more he asked to be shown the most bitter blend of all, which the tobacconist showed him. When he asked him for the fourth time for an even more bitter blend the tobacconist replied, "The bitterest of them all is the name of Allah Ta`ala."

Will you call this person a kafir for saying that Allah Ta`ala's name is the most bitter? Never! The reason is that bitterness is a quality of perfection in tobacco and the meaning of Allah Ta`ala's name being bitter is that Allah Ta`ala has the greatest perfection. Tobacco contains bitterness (a quality of perfection) only to a certain extent. It cannot be more bitter than that. 
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