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The dunya is a place of asbaab (cause and effect)


Hadrat once said: Will the shaikh be making the claim of being Allah Ta`ala if he has to say, "Obey Allah Ta`ala?" Leave alone the sheikh, everything that is in one's possession belongs to Allah Ta`ala as described in the dua:

اللهم ان قلوبنا ونواصينا وجوارحنا بيدك

O Allah! Verily our hearts, our forelocks and our limbs are all in your control

So will it be claiming godhood by entrusting yourself to him i.e. the shaikh?

A man was executed by being hung. What was the cause of his death? Why did he die? His neck was broken. Why was his neck broken? The executor carried out the execution. Why did he do so? The judge passed the judgement in court. Why did the judge make the decision? The witnesses bore testimony to the murder.

So this death is linked and attributed to so many people whereas death is only in the hands of Allah Ta`ala. Every cause is a catalyst for the one after it. This world is a place of cause and effect. The cause of this person's death was his neck breaking, his being executed, the judge's sentence, the witnesses' testimony and also the murder that he committed with his own hands.

This is borne out in the following verse:

وما رميت اذ رميت ولكن الله رمى

It was not you who had shot the arrow but rather it was Allah Ta`ala who had shot. [8:17].

In this ayah, Allah Ta`ala is attributing the shooting of the arrows to Himself whereas He did not shoot. The person being addressed was the one who shot the arrows. However Allah Ta `ala is negating the shooting of the one who had actually shot and attributing it to e One who did not do the actual shooting.

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