Allah Ta`ala has made the world a place of need


Thursday, 18 October 2007 18:52

Hazrat once said: I used to go to a doctor in Calcutta to examine my eyes. One day the doctor told me, "You are a pious person and you have a cataract in your eye. So why have you come to me for a check up?" I began laughing.

He said, "What's the matter? I have posed this question to many people and none of them answered me. They all laughed but did not answer."

I told him, "I am laughing because you are asking about such a simple thing. In this world Allah Ta`ala has made the greatest of men dependent on the lowest of them. Allah Ta`ala has made this world a place of need and want. Each person is dependant on the other. This is how the system of Allah works."

I further explained to him, "You are a doctor and a great expert. You operate on such a delicate organ like the eye, yet if a splinter pricks you in your shoulder, won't you ask someone else to remove it? Why don't you remove it by yourself? If you have a problem in your intestine, why do you go to someone else for an operation? What is the reason for not doing it yourself?"