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An incident regarding the punishment in the grave


Approximately twenty-five to thirty years ago a woman in Pakistan passed away. Her janazah (body) was brought to the graveyard. As she was being lowered into the grave a snake was seen inside it. The people were shocked at this and a second grave was dug. This grave was clear. As the body was being lowered into this grave the people saw the very same snake that was in the first grave. A third grave was dug and that very same snake was seen again.
The people realized that this snake will not leave her and they resolved to place the body into that very grave. The snake moved on to one side and allowed the body to be placed. As soon as the body was placed, the snake arose and removed the kafan (shroud). It then caught hold of the woman's tongue. The onlookers were perturbed and bewildered as to the cause for this occurence. The husband who was present was asked the reason.

He replied, "She used to verbally abuse me and I always tolerated it. Never did I retaliate and answer her."

All those present requested the husband to pardon her fault and make du`a for her maghfirat (forgiveness). All those present made dua for her forgiveness including her husband. Thereafter, the snake was nowhere to be seen.

After narrating this incident Hadrat commented, "Sometimes Allah Ta`ala allows the scenes of the grave to be exposed to his bondsmen in order that they may develop the required fear and stay away from sins."
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