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Did Ambiyaa come to India?


Question: I have heard some people say that ambiyaa had come to India? Is this true? It is also said that the graves of some sahaba radiyallahu anhum are to be found in South India. 

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Answer: Your only responsibility regarding the ambiyaa is that you bring iman and believe in all the ambiyaa Allah Ta`ala had sent whether they came to India or not. Once you have believed in them your obligation is fulfilled. It is not your shar`ee (religious) responsibility to investigate as to which nabi went where. 

Nevertheless, mention is made of them in the Maktoobaat (Letters) of Mujaddid Alfe Thani رحمة الله عليه .

He mentioned said that ambiyaa had come to the village of Barsah in Punjab. A few miles away from Mujaddid Sahib's grave there is a hilly area. I also visited this area. It is quite big and in a state of ruin.

The area is enclosed but there is no sign of any grave. People say that ambiyaa are buried in this enclosure.

When we went, amongst our companions there was a sahib-e-kashf (one who receives inspiration) who used to experience kashf-e-quboor (i.e. he was able to view the scenes of the grave.)

He said that he had met six ambiyaa in this area who had come several hundred years before Hadrat `Isa عليه السلام during the era of a certain rajah. I asked him about their followers.

He replied that they did not pay any heed to those who propagated the truth to them and whatever destruction was meant to come had come. Their entire village was turned upside down.

Therefore it now seems like an overturned village. The locals say that at times, when bricks move, corpses emerge. Perhaps this is as a result of the same incident.
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