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The Episode of Shah Ahlullah Sahib


Question: Hadrat, what is the incident regarding Shah Ahlullah Sahib? 

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Answer: Once the state police came to Shah Sahib and produced an order of summons. He thought to himself that sometimes the king summons to enquire about shar`ee matters. Therefore he accompanied them. Instead of their taking him to the king's palace they took him towards the jungle. He thought that perhaps the king was out hunting and ordered for him to be brought there. However through their behaviour he soon realised that they were not humans.

After some time they came to a place where there was a court and the qadhi (judge) was seated. A janazah (dead body) was also placed there and someone was sitting at its head side.

It was said to him that "this person has a claim against you. He says that you have killed his son. Did you really do this?"

Shah Saheb replied in the negative. He was then asked, "Did you kill anything?"

He replied that 'Once a snake had come and I had killed it."

It was then said to him that "It was this man's son in the form of a snake."

On hearing this, the qadhi (judge) said, "I heard Nabi sallallahu alayhi wasallam saying:

من تزيأ بغير زيئه فدمه هدر

The Jinn who assumes another form and is killed, his blood is shed in vain.

"This jinn had assumed the form of a snake which is the enemy of man. Thus this man had killed his enemy, which he was allowed to do."

Shah Sahib then asked the qadhi, "Did you yourself hear this from Nabi sallallahu alayhi wasallam?"

The qadhi replied, "Yes."

He then asked him, "Are you a sahabi?"

The qadhi replied in the affirmative. Upon this Shah Sahib shook hands with him and sought permission to depart. Shah Sahib thereafter returned home.

This is the incident that is mentioned in Tazkiratur-Rasheed.

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