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Maulana Yahya Sahib's completion of the Qur'an


Hadhrat Shaikhul Hadith Maulana Zakariyya's رحمة الله عليه father Maulana Yahya Sahib رحمة الله عليه went to Meeruth in Ramadhan. He had the habit of remaining with wudhu at all times. It was the time of Esha and he went straight onto the musalla and read ten paras in the twenty rakaats of tareweeh. The following two nights he read ten paras each night. Within three nights he completed the Qur'an and returned to Saharanpur.

Many Huffaz would attend his taraweeh to learn more about this person who is specially called all the way from Saharanpur and who knows his Qur'an so well that there was no need for him to revise it nor did he get confused or make any mistake.
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