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An objection against the action of Nabi Yusuf a.s.


Question: Why did Yusuf عليه السلام order that his utensil be hidden in his brother's luggage?  
Answer: When Allah Ta`ala has attributed this action to Himself in the word kidna, then how can this objection be directed to Hz. Yusuf عليه السلام? Hz. Yusuf عليه السلام had carried out Allah Ta`ala's instruction and Allah had made a way out for him in this.
Hz. Yusuf عليه السلام wished to keep his brother Binyameen عليه السلام with him, but because his brothers had oppressed him and it was against the king's law to imprison someone in this manner, this plan was devised with the consultation of Binyameen عليه السلام. Yusuf عليه السلام had ordered an attendant to hide his drinking utensil in his luggage. When his brothers had left he gave instructions that an announcement be made, "O you thieves." Yusuf's عليه السلام brothers enquired as to what was missing? The attendants replied that the king's drinking utensil was missing. His brothers denied having to do anything with it. The attendants then said that in whoever's luggage the utensil is found, he will be enslaved for a period of time as punishment and this was the punishment for a thief in the shariah of Ya'qoob عليه السلام. The utensil was found in the luggage of Binyameen after the search and through this plan Yusuf عليه السلام was able to keep his brother with him.

Regarding this Allah Ta`ala says, that "We taught him this plan."
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