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The meaning of raqeem, mata` and tabarak


Imaam Isma`ee, a famous imaam (expert) in Arabic linguistics said, "I went deep into the bedouin tribes where there were only one or two houses in search of the meanings of three words, raqeem, mata` and tabarak. 

I saw a child seated near a pot and next to it was a rag that was used to carry it. Suddenly a black dog with a taint of yellow on its legs and yellow spots above the eyes appeared. It grasped the rag and ascended a mountain before it. It then sat in such a balanced posture with the right and left limbs on their respective sides, that if it had to get up and run, it would require the least change in posture. After a short while the child's mother came and the child said to her:

يا امى جاء الرقيم واخذ المتاع وتبارك الجبل
(The yellow spotted dog came and took the rag and has sat on the mountain waiting to attack.)

Imam Isma`ee then said that my goal was achieved and I understood that raqeem means a dog with those features. Similarly, I came to know the meaning of mataa` (rag) and tabarak (to sit in the explained posture). 
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