Distribution of sweetmeats on the occasion of the completion of the Qur’an in Taraweeh


Saturday, 27 October 2007 12:14

Question: How is it to distribute sweetmeats on completing the Qur’an Shareef?
Answer: It is incorrect to regard it as obligatory to distribute sweetmeats on completing the Qur’an Shareef.

In Thana Bawan there was no distribution of sweetmeats when the Qur’an Shareef was completed in Taraweeh. Someone secretly asked Moulana Thanwi رحمة الله عليه for permission to distribute sweetmeats.

Hadrat replied, “Do not distribute today. If you really wish to distribute, then distribute tomorrow.” (Akaabir ka Ramadhan, Pg 31)

Normally money is collected for distributing sweetmeats when the Qur’an Shareef is completed. Special lists are drawn up and then compared with the previous years, comparing the difference of the amounts given. People compete with each other, each one striving to be distinguished. Comments are passed, that ‘such a wealthy person, yet he donated such a paltry amount!’

لايحل مال امرئ مسلم الابطيب نفس منه.
The wealth of a believer is not halal (pure) without his pleasure.

To collect money in this manner for distribution of sweetmeats is prohibited. It is incorrect to even eat those sweetmeats.

No matter which masjid’s practice this may be, whether Chatta Musjid or the Darul-Uloom Musjid or any other musjid, it is not recognised in Shariah. The Shar`ee proofs are four viz. the Qur’an, the hadith, consensus of the ummat, and qiyas (analogical reasoning) of a mujtahid. Anything other than these four is not regarded as Shar`ee proof.