Receiving a Salary for Teaching in the Masjid


Saturday, 27 October 2007 12:16

Question: Can one still take a wage despite teaching in a musjid?
Answer: The latter fuqaha (jurists) have written that it is correct to receive a salary despite teaching in a musjid provided there is no other place available.

I was once assigned to teach mantiq (logic) at Saharanpur, Madrasah Mazahirul Uloom in the musjid. I objected to this because I was to receive a salary for teaching in the musjid. The madrasah authorities replied that the salary is not given as remuneration for your teaching. The teaching is done solely for the pleasure of Allah Ta`ala. I replied, “Will I still receive a salary if I do not teach. The salary is given for the sake of Allah Ta`ala. So whenever I feel like teaching, I will teach and when I do not feel like teaching, I will not teach.” They then said to me, “Teach wherever you feel like teaching.”