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Examples of incorrect Qiraat (recitation)


Different Qaris recite the Qur’an. What will they have to say in the following situations?

A certain Qari Sahib recited Surah Wal-`Asr. He read وتوا and stopped. In the next breath he continued reading from صو بالحق. I asked him, “Which ignoramus has taught you to recite like this?”

One person when reciting إذا جاء , he read وَاسْتَغْفِرْ and stopped. He then continued from هُ انه كان توابا.

Another person when reading ألم تر كيف, he stopped at وَاَرْ. He then started reciting from سَلَ عليهم.

Another person was reciting Surah Shams and he stopped at كذبت ثمود بطغوا. He continued reciting from ها اذ انبعث اشقها.
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