Refutation without Pause


Saturday, 27 October 2007 12:53

Hadrat Saharanpuriرحمة الله عليه had written to Moulana Gangohi رحمة الله عليه asking him that in the Ayah:
قالوا اتخذ الله ولدا سبحانه,
the first part:
اتخذ الله ولدا
(Allah Ta`ala has taken a child.) [10: 68]
is the statement of the mushrikeen (polytheists) and
(Glory be to him)
is the statement of Allah Ta`ala refuting the claim of the mushrikeen. Therefore, a waqf-e-lazim (necessary pause) should be made between both the statements but no symbol of waqf-e-lazim appears in the Qur’an.

Moulana Gangohi رحمة الله عليه replied that the statement of the mushrikeen is refuted without a waqf-e-lazim. If there was a waqf-e-lazim, then the doubt of their statement having some basis would have arisen. Therefore no sooner did they utter this statement it was refuted by سبحانه (Allah Ta`ala’s Being is free from any children and other defects)