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Why is there repetition in the Qur’an?


Question: What is the wisdom in the repetition of certain topics in the Qur’an? 
Answer: What is the wisdom of certain words being repeated in your speech?

This person remained silent.

Hadrat then said, “You are asking the wisdom of the repetition in Allah Ta`ala’s speech whereas you cannot explain the wisdom of repeating your own words? This repetition does not decrease the level of eloquence. Similar ayaat (verses) may appear in other places and in every verse something different is intended.

Another reason may be as Moulana Ashiq Ilahiرحمة الله عليه has written in the footnote of his translation of the Qur’an under the verse:
فباى الاء ربكما تكذبان
(O jinn and man! Which of your Rabb’s (Lord’s) bounties do you deny?) [55: 13]

This verse appears 31 times in Surah Rahman. Moulana writes that there are many types of the bounties of Allah Ta`ala and each verse refers to a different bounty.
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