Will the Jinnat also enjoy from the bounties of Jannah?


Saturday, 27 October 2007 12:59

It is explicitly mentioned in the Qur’an that the Jinnat will be punished in Jahannum for their sinning and kufr (disbelief). Allah says in the Qur’an:

يرسل عليكما شواظ من نار و نحاس فلاتنتصران
(On you will be sent a flame of fire and a smoke. Then no defence will you have.) [55: 35]
In another verse Allah says:

لاملان جهنم من الجنة و الناس أجمعين
(I will fill Jahannam with Jinn and man.) [11: 119]

As far as their enjoying the bounties of Jannah, then there is no explicit mention of it in the Qur’an or hadith. Therefore, Imam Abu Hanifah رحمة الله عليه remained silent on this issue. The following appears in Al-Ashbah wan Nazaair, Pg 226:

لاخلاف فى أنهم مكلفون مؤمنهم فى الجنة و كافرهم فى النار و انما اختلفوا فى ثواب الطائعين ففى البزازية معزيا الى الاجناس عن الامام ليس للجن ثواب
و فى التفاسير توقف الامام فى ثواب الجن

(Translation: There is no difference of opinion in the jinn’s being responsible to accomplish Shar`ee regulations. The believing Jinn will enter Jannah and kafir Jinn will enter Jahannam. The only difference that arises is with regards to the reward of the obedient Jinn. Bazzaziyyah has adopted a view that is different to others. He says that the Jinn will not receive any reward. In the tafseers it appears that Imam Abu Hanifah has remained silent on this subject.)