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Demise of Hadrat Abu Zar (r.a)


When Hadrat Abu Zar (r.a) fell ill and there was fear of his passing away, his wife became extremely worried. He addressed her saying, "When I pass away then stand outside and you will see a caravan of travellers passing by from this direction. Indicate to them to stop and inform them that Abu Zar has passed away. Ask them to carry out the burial rites. Whilst they are busy carrying out the burial rites, slaughter this kid-goat and cook a curry with it. Thereafter grind this grain and make bread with it. Once they have completed the burial rites inform them that it is the bequest of Abu Zar that they first partake of meals before departing."
The season of Haj had already drawn close and the movements of caravans to and from had come to a stop. It so happened that the Ameerul-Mu`mineen had sent an order to Hadrat Abdullah bin Mas`ood to come and visit him at the time of Haj. Hence, Abdullah bin Mas`ood together with his companions was on his way and they were travelling quite fast.

In the meanwhile, Hadrat Abu Zar's wife had come outside in wait of the caravan as instructed by her husband. In the distance she noticed the caravan approaching and she indicated to them to stop. She then informed them of the death of Hadrat Abu Zar.

Upon hearing this Hadrat Abdullah bin Mas`ood remarked, "Nabi sallallahu alayhi wasallam had spoken the truth. He has said to him, 'O Abu zar! You will pass away in solitude and nobody will be there.'"

Abu Zar had an enmity towards wealth prior to accepting Islam and after accepting Islam the direction of his enmity changed. Prior to accepting Islam whenever he saw wealth with anyone he used to plunder and loot it. This was because he could not bear seeing it it the hands of others and not in his. After accepting Islam his intolerance for wealth changed course and whenever he saw wealth in the possession of others he used to say "Why don't you give it as charity it in the way of Allah."
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