The azan of one who shaves or trims his beard


Thursday, 08 November 2007 17:09

It is not permissible to shave or trim the beard lesser than one fist. Therefore, the azan of such a person is makrooh. The fuqaha have stated that the azan of a fasiq (an open sinner) is makrooh because the statement of a fasiq is unacceptable in matters pertaining to deen and azan is a deeni matter. (Haashiyat-ut-Tahtawi, pg 108)

However, an objection raised against this is that the purpose of azan is notification and this can be accomplished by a fasiq. Hence, there is no problem in a fasiq’s giving azan. Therefore, I explain the reason differently. The muazzin announces on behalf of Allah Ta`ala and this is an esteemed position which is inappropriate for a fasiq. (Shaami, vol 5, pg 261)