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Reciting (subhaana rabbiyal ajeem) in ruku



An Urdu kitab has stated that if one is only able to recite سبحن ربى العجيم - subhana rabbiyal ajeem instead of سبحن ربى العظيم - subhana rabbiyal azeem then he should recite سبحن ربى الكريم - subhana rabbiyal kareem. Otherwise, if one reads العجيم ajeem his salah will be nullified. Is this correct? If it is correct then the salah of many people are invalid for they are unaware of this mas`ala. 



The tasbeeh in ruku is not like the fardh qiraat. It is only sunnat. Even if one leaves out the tasbeeh totally his salah will still be valid. (Alamgiri, vol 1, pg 74) Making such a mistake in the tasbeeh does not nullify the salah, contrary to the situation when serious errors are made in qiraat. Therefore, this mas’ala will be applicable to those who are aware of it. As for those who are unaware of it, their salah will still be valid if they recite العجيم ajeem. 

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