Standing From the beginning of the Iqamat


Thursday, 08 November 2007 17:15

The statements of Alamgiri, Vol 1, pg 57 and Tahtawi `Ala Maraqil-Falah, pg 151 apparently seem to support the Barelwis(1). It is stated therein, that one who enters the Musjid after the iqamat has commenced should sit until hayya `alal falaah. Thereafter, he should stand. To remain standing in the saffs before the commencement of the iqamat is makrooh.

However it is stated in Tahtawi `Alad Durril Mukhtar, vol 1, pg 322: There is no harm if one stands before the commencement of the iqamat.

Imam Muhammad رحمة الله عليه has stated in Kitabus-Salah that he asked Imam Abu Hanifah رحمة الله عليه regarding a person who stands for the salah when the iqamat commences. Imam Abu Hanifah replied that there is no harm in it. He then asked Imam Abu Hanifah regarding a person who stands for salah at the time of hayya `alal falah. He gave the same answer. We understand that these ulama did not attach much importance to this mas`ala. (2)

In Ad-Durr-ul-Mukhtar and other kitabs it is stated that if the imam enters the Musjid from the qiblah direction then the musallis should stand in their saffs as soon as they see him. And if the imam enters from the rear then as he passes each saff the people seated in that particular saff will stand so that the entire congregation is standing by the time the imam reaches his musalla.  

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(1) According to them the imam should come at the time of iqamat and sit. Thereafter he should stand at the time of hayya `alal falah.

(2) Refer to Fatawaa Mahmoodiya, vol 2, pg 115 to 117 for more details