How many rakaats of sunnat salah are there after the Jumua salah?


Thursday, 08 November 2007 17:18

The fuqaha have written that according to Imam Abu Hanifa four rakaats are sunnat-e-muakkada after the Jumua salah and according to the students of Imam Abu Hanifa six rakaats are sunnat-e-muakkada.

When reading six rakaats it is best to follow the following sequence i.e. one will first read the four rakaats followed by the two rakaats.

This is due to the fact that one will be abstaining from performing two similar salahs in succession. In performing the two rakaats immediately after the Jumua salah one will be apparently(1) contradicting the Hadith that says:
لا يصلى بعد صلاة مثلها
After one salah another similar salah must not be offered

However, today (5th Jamad-ul-Ula 1406 A.H.) I had done the opposite. I had first performed the two rakaats sunnat followed by the four rakaats since this is also allowed.