Salah between Pillars


Thursday, 08 November 2007 17:20

Why is it makrooh to perform salah between pillars? 

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It is mentioned in al-Mabsoot of Allamah Sarakhsi رحمة الله عليه that it is not makrooh to perform salah between pillars because this is similar to the case where a trunk or a cabinet is placed between two musallis. The greatest harm it can do is that the jamat will be smaller due to the pillars being in between and this does not render the salah makrooh.

In al-`Arfush-Shazi with Tirmizi, vol 1, pg 60 Allamah Anwar Shah Kashmiri is reported to have said that he was unable to find any hanafi view showing `adm-e-karahiyat (not being makrooh). However, this is explicitly mentioned in Mabsoot.