The Imamat of a Radhakhani and a Maudoodi


Thursday, 08 November 2007 17:21

Moulana Ahrarul Haq Sahib asked, “If the imam of a musjid is a Radhakhani and the imam of the next musjid is a Maudoodi, which imam must one follow in salah?”  

Hadhrat replied, “Moulana Thanwi was asked whether the jamaat salah of those following the Congress is more virtuous or the jamaat salah of those following the Muslim League. Hadhrat Thanwi replied that one is cholera and the other is chronic fever. These people should be viewed in the like manner.”

(This means that if they do not adhere to any fundamentals of disbelief then appointing them as imams will be makrooh-e-tahreemi though one's salah will be valid.) (Kabeeri, pg 479/480)