Hadhrat Moulana Yahya Sahib (rahimahullah), the father of Hadhrat Shaikh-ul-Hadeeth (rahimahullah) had arranged the nikaah of Hadhrat Moulana Muhammad Ilyaas Sahib (rahimahullah). He invited four buzurgs to the nikaah; Hadhrat Moulana Abdur Raheem Sahib Raipuri (rahimahullah), Hadhrat Shaikh-ul-Hind (rahimahullah), Hadhrat Saharanpuri (rahimahullah) and Hadhrat Thanwi (rahimahullah). The first three buzurgs accepted the invitation, but Hadhrat Moulana Thanwi (rahimahullah) did not accept it.

Hadhrat Moulana Yahya Sahib (rahimahullah) made arrangements for these buzurgs to take the night train from Saharanpur and meet him at Thanabhawan station. He took the morning train and went to meet Hadhrat Thanwi (rahimahullah). As he met him, he said, “Jee ha, your taqwa has surpassed the taqwa of your ustaadh, Hadhrat Shaikh-ul-Hind (rahimahullah). It has also surpassed that of Hadhrat Moulana Abdur Raheem Sahib (rahimahullah) and Hadhrat Moulana Saharanpuri (rahimahullah). They have accepted, but you have not accepted.”

Hadhrat Thanwi (rahimahullah) replied, “Nowadays there are many customs prevalent in weddings and therefore I stay away from attending wedding functions.” Hadhrat Moulana Yahya Sahib (rahimahullah) then said to him, “It is for this reason that we are taking you along. If you see anything wrong, you should stop it immediately.  Otherwise, what relations do I have with you that I must invite you to the wedding? I am taking you especially to stop all these customary practices.”

Hadhrat Thanwi (rahimahullah) finally accepted the invitation. In the evening Moulana Yahya Sahib took Hadhrat Moulana Thanwi (rahimahullah) along to the station and met the other three buzurgs. (Malfoozaat of Faqeeh-ul-Ummat Vol 2 Pg 411)