The Darul Uloom (Darul Uloom Karachi) was originally situated in Nanak Warah housed in a small building. When the workload increased and the place became constrained a dire need arose for a larger place. Hence, Allah Ta`ala provided the means and a large tract of land was allotted by the government for the madrasah. Presently the Islamia College is situated on that land. Apart from the land being situated on a very prime location the grave of Allamah Shabbeer Ahmad Uthmani (rahmatullahi alaih) is also adjacent to the property. Hence, it was an ideal spot for the Darul Uloom.

The legal procedures were followed and papers for the land were procured. Control was gained and a room was built on the land which had a telephone line. An official foundation laying jalsah was announced and leading ulama from various parts of Pakistan graced the occasion. It was on this occasion that some individuals laid claim to the land stating that the land did not belong to the Darul Uloom. Coincidentally the claimants had engaged certain reputable personalities who were also revered by Mufti Shafee` Sahib (the respected widow of Allamah Shabbeer Ahmad Uthmani 

[rahmatullahi alaih]). Initially, he attempted to defuse the dispute but to no avail. Hence, he thought to himself that what kind ofbarkat will there be in a Madrasah whose foundation is laid on a dispute. Subsequently, he announced that he was relinquishing his right and abandoning the property.

Upon hearing this decision, the madrasah’s administrative committee objected by saying, “How can you pass such a decision? Such a large property in the middle of the city! It is extremely difficult to find such a property. How can you leave such a property which we have already gained control over?”

Mufti Shafee` Sahib replied, “I am not compelling the committee to abandon the property, because the committee has already gained control and ownership of the land. If you wish to still go ahead and construct the Madrasah then you may do so. However, I will not be part of it, since I do not see any barkat in a Madrasah whose foundation is laid upon a dispute. He then cited the Hadeeth of Nabi (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam), “I guarantee a home in the middle of Jannah for that person who leaves out quarrelling despite being correct.”

He further added: “You are complaining that to get such a land is difficult whereas Nabi(sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) is saying that he guarantees a home in the middle of Jannah. Constructing a Darul Uloom is fardh-e-kifaayah and saving Muslims from quarrels and disputes is fardh-e-`ayn. It will be a disservice to Deen if a fardh-e-`ayn is left out in order to discharge afardh-e-kifaayah. I will not construct a Darul Uloom whilst engaging in a dispute.” Saying this he abandoned the property.

Subsequently, Allah Ta`ala blessed Hadhrat Mufti Sahib with a very much bigger and better property upon which the Darul Uloom is currently built. (Islaahi Khutubaat, vol. 6, p. 153/ Al Balaagh Mufti A`zam Number, vol. 1, p. 44 & 212)