Hadhrat Moulana Khaleel Ahmad Saharanpuri (rahimahullah) would normally wear very clean yet simple clothing. He used to wear a thick trouser and a malmal kurta (thin material). His clothes were immaculately white and a beautiful fragrance emanated from them. Whichever gulley he walked through would be filled with a beautiful scent. His kurta would be white, his trousers were white, his beard was white and his eyebrows were white. He was fair in complexion with streaks of red on his cheeks. The reason for him wearing good clothing was to ensure that people may not think he does not possess anything, which actually would be an expression of complaint against Allah Ta`ala. His ghayrat (self-shame) would not allow him to express his complaints to Allah Ta`ala in the form of his dressing.

Someone once mentioned, “When I was studying in Mazaahir-ul-Uloom, I took a utensil and went to Hadhrat’s house. After knocking on the door, Hadhrat’s brother-in-law opened the door. I asked him to please give me some curry. He replied that there was no curry at home. I then requested him to please give me some of Hadhrat’s curry, to which he replied that Hadhrat (rahimahullah) also did not have any curry to eat. I asked him, “What will Hadhrat eat if there is no curry?” He replied, “Presently there is no food at home. Hadhrat and his family are undergoing starvation.”
Thus I offered to go to the marketplace and purchase some food, but he caught hold of my feet and begged me not to do so for the sake of Allah Ta`ala, otherwise he would be in deep trouble for disclosing the secret of the house. (Malfoozaat of Faqeeh-ul-Ummat Vol. 2, Pg. 373-374)