Once Moulana Abdur Rahman Kamilpuri (rahmatullahi alaih) was teaching, ‘Mulla Hasan’, a book on logic, and it happened that he got stuck at a place. Immediately he sent one of his students to Moulana As`adullah (rahmatullahi alaih), who was himself a student of Moulana Kamilpuri (rahmatullahi alaih) to explain the text. Moulana As`adullah(rahmatullahi alaih) knew that there was an error in the print, so he wrote out the correction.

This was the way of our Akaabir. Despite being the teacher, it did not prevent him from asking his own student to explain a text which he failed to understand. (Discourse of Mufti Mahmood Hasan Gangohi rahimahullah).