There was once a prostitute in the Bani Israaeel who possessed amazing beauty. The door of her home would remain open and she would be sitting on a bed directly in line with it. If any man walked pass and glanced at her, he would immediately be infatuated with her. Thereafter, if he wanted her she would charge him more or less ten gold coins to fulfil his desires.

One day a pious person walked pass and his eyes fell on the beauty of this woman, with which he was over awed.  He tried very hard to rid himself of her thought but to no avail, until he succumbed to his temptation and sold his possessions in order to collect enough money. Finally when he sat beside her on the bed and was about to stretch his hand towards her, the mercy and blessings of Allah Ta‘ala came to his rescue and the thought came to his mind that Allah Ta‘ala is watching me at this very moment whilst I am about to carry out this forbidden act. All of a sudden he was gripped with fear and his expressions began to change. The woman, witnessing the change in his expression, asked him the reason? He replied: “I fear my Rabb, please allow me to leave.” She said: “What’s the matter with you? There are so many men that are dying for this opportunity and are pining to be able to enjoy themselves with me. You have this golden opportunity yet you are leaving it. What made you change your mind all of a sudden?” He responded: “I fear Allah! Keep the money but just let me go!” She said to him: “It is as though this is your first time alone with a woman.” He replied in the affirmative. Thereafter she enquired about his name and where he resided.

This pious man left lamenting and sobbing over the disgrace he had brought upon himself. In the meantime, the thought dawned upon her that this was the first time that this man attempted to commit a sin and such fear gripped him that he immediately left the sin. On the other hand, I am sinning for so many years and the Rabb that he fears is also my Rabb, therefore I should fear Him more. After this thought, she immediately made taubah to Allah Ta‘ala, gave up her life of sin and began worshipping Allah Ta‘ala. A short while thereafter, she felt that it would be a good idea if she marries the pious man, so that he may teach her about deen and assist her in the worship of Allah Ta‘ala.

She then set off with some wealth and servants to meet this person. When she reaches that city, she made some enquiries about his whereabouts and went to his house. The pious man was informed that there was someone who wanted to meet him. When he came out, she unveiled her face to introduce herself and so that he could recognize her. As he saw her face, he had a flashback of those few moments when they were in seclusion and he immediately let out a loud shriek and his soul left his body never to return. This woman was left in shock since she left her home to marry this man and he has now passed away. She then found out if he had any relatives who wished to get married. She was told that he had a brother, but he was poor. She said that wealth was not an issue since she had quite a bit of wealth. Thereafter she married him and from this marriage, Allah Ta‘ala blessed her with seven sons who later became leading pious ‘Ulama of their time. (Tambeehul Ghaafileen, pg. 117)


1. The consciousness, awareness and fear of Allah Ta‘ala are the only powers that can stop us from sin in this age of temptation. We need to constantly remind ourselves: “Allah Ta‘ala is watching.”

2. When a person gives up sin for Allah Ta‘ala’s pleasure, He will bless that person with goodness in this world as well.