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The Majalis (programmes) of Hadhrat Mufti Ebrahim Salejee Saheb, are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays after `Asr  Salah at the Madrasah Taleemuddeen Musjid during those times of the year when Madrasah is open. In the month of Ramadaan, during which Hadrat Mufti Saheb spends the entire month in I`tikaaf, there are  three Majlis's daily. One at 9.30 a.m., a second after the Asr salah and a third at night after the taraweeh salaah daily.

Although these majalis of Hadrat have been conducted for many years recordings of only the past few years are available in audio format. Due to lack of space and bandwidth we will only be able to make available a few of these on this website.

All files are in MP3 format. You will need Windows Media Player or any other MP3 player to listen to the file once downloaded. You may need to Right Click the Link and choose "Save Target As" to first save the file to your PC.


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1 The Indispensability of Islam 58
2 Precision in Narrating and the Importance of Taqwa 175
3 06 September 2014 134
4 30 August 2014 77
5 23 August 2014 68
6 16 August 2014 59
7 09 August 2014 76
8 Identifying the Genuine from the Artificial 423
9 The Different Levels of Taqwa 391
10 Misuse of the Tongue and Fanaa 251
11 Nabi's (sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam) Teaching of Advanced Preparation 397
12 Adopting the Correct Procedures in Deeni Efforts 214
13 Begging Allah and the Importance of Consulting 255
14 Preparation for Ramadhaan and the Evil of Pride 331
15 Allah Ta‘ala’s System of Deeni Revival 211
16 The Correct Expression of Parental Love 260
17 The Importance of Halaal and Haraam 337
18 Nasheeds and Nazams in the Light of the Sharee‘ah 221
19 Employing Personal Reasoning in Deeni Matters and Unconditional Submission 203
20 The Downfall of the Ahle Kitaab 224

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