‘Abdur Rahmaan bin Ziyaad bin An‘um (rahimahullah) reports:

Once, while Nabi Moosa (‘alaihis salaam) was seated with some of his followers, Iblees arrived, clad in a cloth which continued to change colour. As he drew near, he removed the cloth, and thereafter approached Nabi Moosa (‘alaihis salaam).

On meeting Nabi Moosa (‘alaihis salaam), he greeted him with salaam. Nabi Moosa (‘alaihis salaam) asked him, “Who are you?” He replied, “I am Iblees.” Nabi Moosa (‘alaihis salaam) responded, “In that case, you are not welcomed. Nevertheless, why have you come here?” Iblees replied, “I have come to greet you, on account of your esteemed rank and position by Allah Ta‘ala.”

Nabi Moosa (‘alaihis salaam) then asked him, “What was that cloth (which I saw you wearing)?” Iblees replied, “It is that through which I trap the hearts of people (due to its glitter and attraction).” Hearing this, Nabi Moosa (‘alaihis salaam) asked Iblees, “Which are those evil deeds which are such that if a person commits them, you are then able to easily overpower him?” Iblees answered, “When a person becomes filled with pride and self-admiration, and he regards his good actions as being abundant, and he forgets his sins, then I overpower him.”

Iblees then mentioned, “I caution you regarding three evil deeds. (Firstly,) do not be in seclusion with a (non-mahram) woman, for whenever a man is in seclusion with a (non-mahram) woman, I personally become his companion and remain with him, trying to lead him astray through this woman. (Secondly,) if you ever make a promise or pledge to Allah Ta‘ala then ensure that you fulfil it, for whenever a man makes a pledge to Allah Ta‘ala, I personally become his companion and remain with him, trying to prevent him from fulfilling his pledge. (Thirdly,) if you ever intend giving something in sadaqah, then ensure that you give it thereafter. The reason is that whenever a person takes out something with the intention of giving it out in sadaqah, then until he does not give it, I personally become his companion and remain with him, trying to prevent him from giving it.”

After mentioning this, Iblees turned and left, lamenting and uttering the following thrice, “How unfortunate! Nabi Moosa (‘alaihis salaam) now knows what he should warn the people of!”

(Shu‘abul Imaan #3171)


1. The glitter, glamour and attractions of this world are all tools through which Shaitaan tries to ensnare a person. Once a person becomes obsessed with these things, and his heart is consumed with their love, he becomes negligent and unmindful of Allah Ta‘ala and thus goes astray.

2. We should never be complacent and feel that our good actions are sufficient, as we do not even know if our actions are worthy of acceptance or not. Rather, we should remain humble, continue to strive in works of righteousness, and continue to repent for all our sins.

3. A non-Mahram man and woman should neither be in seclusion with one another, nor should they even be in contact with one another (such as chatting on social media, etc.) or have a casual relationship with one another, as Shaitaan will seize every opportunity to involve them in sin.

4. Fulfilling one’s word is a sign of loyalty and faithfulness, and the main loyalty in life is loyalty to Allah Ta‘ala. To show our loyalty to Allah Ta‘ala, we should abstain from all sins and fulfil all His commands.

5. If we ever feel the motivation to do something good, we should not delay. Rather, we should value this motivation, which is a favour of Allah Ta‘ala, and act on it immediately. In doing so, we will be showing appreciation to Allah Ta‘ala, due to which He will bless us with more motivation towards righteousness.

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