An Atheist will reject the existence of Allah Ta‘ala by saying, “I cannot see Allah Ta‘ala, so I do not believe there is an Allah.” Using this incorrect reasoning, we will ask him, “Do you have intelligence?” He will proudly reply, “Yes, I do have intelligence.” We will then ask him, “Have you seen your intelligence?” He will arrogantly defend himself by saying, “Come on! You cannot be such a fool. My meaningful speech and actions are clear indications that I am not a mad-man. I am full of intelligence.” We will then explain to him, “Meaningful speech and actions are only signs of intelligence. It is not intelligence itself. So you believe you have intelligence and we believe in Allah Ta‘ala as our creator by seeing the signs of His creation.”

Thereafter we will kindly ask the Atheist, “Tell me! If we were all travelling together through a quiet desert and we suddenly were to come across a heap of camel dung, out of complete non-existence, that just fell from the sky. Will you believe such a statement?” The answer will be a definite, “No!”. Now let us reflect for a moment. Our intelligence refuses to accept that a small insignificant heap of camel dung can fall out of nowhere, then how can that same intelligence ever accept the lie that this huge universe with all its perfect running systems just came into existence and thereafter continued to function on its very own? If our intelligence could allow us to believe that it had to be a camel that dropped the dung, then why does it refuse to believe that there has to be a Creator behind all of the creation we see?

The fact of the matter is, the Atheist knows very well that if he were to accept that there is a Creator, then it will follow that he will have to accept the laws of the Creator, whereas he is quite comfortable following the dictates of his carnal desires. He does not wish to worship a Creator. Rather, he enjoys bowing down to his lustful yearnings. He is too used to the “freedom” of doing what he wishes and thus finds it impossible to surrender himself to the will of a Creator. Thus an Atheist foolishly passes his life thinking himself to be very intelligent, whereas if he had only an atom’s worth of intelligence, he would indeed realize what a fool he is.