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Madrasah Fees


The Madrasah provides full board and lodge facilities for the students.Three meals of a good standard are provided daily. A laundry, tuck shop and a book shop caters for the basic requirements of the students. The Madrasah provides bursaries to many students to pay their fees.

It is our fervent wish and desire that free Islamic education be provided to all our students. However, due to the substantial costs incurred in running the Madrasah, we are constrained to levy some fees. Due to maintaining a very low fee for several years, the Madrasah experienced significant shortfalls in the monthly budget. We are therefore constrained to reluctantly raise the fees to a little more realistic, cost-related level for the current year.

The fee structure for this year is as follows:

As of  Shawwaal 1439 / July 2018 the madrasah fees will be R1 750.00 per month or part thereof for boarding students (R1 750.00 X 10 months = R17 500.00 per annum) and for non-boarding students R700.00 per month or part thereof (R700.00 X 10 months = R7000.00 per annum).

Banking Details for Payment of Fees

Name of Bank: HBZ Bank (Westville)
Name of Account: Madrasah Taleemuddeen General Account 
Account Number: 18 901 315102 
Branch Code: 570 226
Account Type: Current Account
Reference: Student’s Name & Account Number

Depositing at ABSA Bank

When depositing in Absa Bank fill in the following on the deposit slip:
Name of account: HBZ Bank LTD
Absa Account Number: 406 344 6538  
Branch Code: 630 718
IMPORTANT: In the reference section of the deposit slip put in the HBZ Acc no. of the fees account followed by the student’s name&acc.no..


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