Madrasah Fees for Foreign Students


Thursday, 09 October 2008 13:38

The Madrasah provides full board and lodge facilities for the students. Three meals of a good standard are provided daily. A laundry, tuck shop and a book shop caters for the basic requirements of the students. The Madrasah provides bursaries to many students to pay their fees.

While it is our heartfelt desire that free Islamic education be provided to all students, the substantial costs in running an institution have made it necessary to levy some fees. While the fees levied do not cover all the expenses incurred on behalf of the students, it goes a long way in meeting our commitments.

Furthermore, much additional costs are incurred by the Madrasah on behalf of foreign students in respect of visas and several other aspects. Hence, a higher fee is levied for foreign students. However, should any foreign student undertake to pay all additional costs on his own, the normal fee will be charged.

As of Shawwaal 1441 / June 2020 the Madrasah fees for foreign students will be R2 400 per month or part thereof (R2 400 X 10 months = R24 000 per annum). 

The fees are levied and payable for each term in advance. Students’ accounts are debited accordingly. However, if you wish you may pay the fees in ten monthly installments. All outstanding fees must be paid by no later than the tenth month of the academic year.