Madrasah Courses

At present the Madrasah offers three courses on a full-time or part time basis:

1. Hifzul Quraan

2. Imaamat Course

3. ‘Aalim Course

Hifzul Quraan:

A full-time or part-time course that entails memorizing the Quraan Majeed. Subjects taught include hifz, tajweed and basic fiqh. The average course duration is 3-4 years.

Imaamat Course:

A full-time course structured to train students to serve as imaams and makaatib teachers. Subjects studied include Quraan, tajweed, hifz of selected surahs, ‘aqaaid, akhlaaq, fiqh, khutbahs and basic comparative religion studies.

‘Aalim Course

A full-time six/seven year course to train students to become ‘Ulama. Subjects studied include Quraan, tajweed, ‘aqaaid, fiqh, usoolul fiqh, nahw, sarf, tafseer and hadeeth.