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Understanding the Desire of the Sheikh


Saturday Majlis of Hadrat Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (d.b)

Date: 2010-10-09

Duration: 01:03:40

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Time Stamps:

00:03 (The delegation of Laqeet Ibn Sabira Radiyallahu Anhu ...)
09:12 In this short duration, how can we attain the maximum?
09:40 Dhun and Diyaan (Be focused and be attentive)
10:00 Sayed Ahmed Saheed Saheb was the reformer of the 12th century ... What was his beginning?
14:20 To the extent of the respect and confidence you have, you are going to progress.
14:36 What is the desire of the Mashaaik? That is what is to be achieved in this small duration.
17:34 Imaam Shafi'ee (Rahmatullahi Alaih): "The one that asks, for the moment he goes through humiliation but for the rest of his life he has honour and respect ......
19:25 As long as you have your elders around, refer to them.
26:00 (Incident of King Faisal when the west threatened him) "We will light up all our oil well's and live like how our fathers lived. They lived on dates and camels milk ...
27:15 As long as we have contentment, it's easy to make the adjustment (Go back to our original condition)
43:20 The correct outlook of deen comes after time. It only come with dhun and Diyaan (Being focused and attentive).
46:45 This is the reason you should not study Hadith Kitaabs on your own (The Hadith of Laqeet Ibn Sabira Radiyallahu Anhu complaining about his wife having a wicked tongue ...)
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