Love for the World


(Summary of Mufti Ebrahim Salejee’s majlis (Saturday 17th November)

Amongst the weaknesses of man is ‘hubb-ud-dunya’ which is regarded as the root of all sins. However, we need to understand what ‘hubb-ud-dunya’ is. Ebrahim (alaihis salaam) had made this du`aa: “Rabbij`al hazal balada aamina” (O my Lord! Make this town safe.) Seeking safety and security for one’s family is not incorrect. A Nabi has a comprehensive understanding of this life and the next. So his du`aa will be most comprehensive as well. 

The second part of Ebrahim’s (alaihis salaam) du`aa is “Wajnubnee wa baniyya an na`budal asnaam” (Save me and my progeny from idolatry). One type of idolatry is worshipping idols, but another form of idolatry is ‘kullu ma alhaaka an rabbik fa huwa sanamuk’ (Whatever distracts you from Allah is your sanam [idol]). Amongst such things are our desires. Unquestionable authority is for Allah alone. It cannot be given to others. However, at times, it shifts from Allah to our family or possessions. This is that world that turns you away from your real cause. It comes in the form of wealth or in the form of one’s children or the wife. Priorities are mixed and Haraam is committed because of them. Hence, this du`aa teaches us what the world is. The Qur’aan also teaches us what the world is; “Kalla bal tuhibbunal `aajilah” (Nay, but you give preference to the worldly life). Though the address is to the kuffaar, but when one analyses the situation, then the kuffaar have two aspects. One is their existence and person. In this there is no difference between ourselves and them. The other is their outlook and behaviour, and it is this that deprives them of the mercy of Allah. So if this is what we adopt then we will face the same. In many instances, you will find that Islam is adopted only for convenience and not due to the love of Islam. The airport has salaah facilities, but this is out of convenience and not due their love of Islam as such. It is just there to get more support from the Muslims. Islam is not of any concern. A bank displays Islamic terms, but again it is not Islam that is of major concern, it is the material gain.

Du`aa is a request and begging. How many of us actually make du`aa in this manner, especially in the du`aa after salaah. Our du`aa is a mere repetition of words. Looking at the present conditions that we are facing, I suggest that we as a family get together and make a collective du`aa. In this way, one will be making du`aa and the others saying aameen. The possibility of acceptance is far greater. Through this there is the benefit of feeling the presence of Allah Ta`ala. Apart from that you have passed on a great gift to your children; they will feel that our father has not left us as yateem (orphan). He has given us the gift of communication with Allah Ta`ala. As a result we feel strong and healthy and they will be saved from depression.

Date: 2012-11-17

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