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Stray Thoughts and their Remedy - Bonding with the Mashaayikh


(Summary of Mufti Ebrahim Salejee’s majlis (Saturday 29th December)

Stray thoughts and their remedy – Bonding with the mashaayikh

Stray thoughts are not a gauge to indicate that your Imaan is going down. In fact, the person who continues striving under all these states, despite the different feelings that he experiences, his reward is doubled. The hadeeth speaks of the person who recites the Qur’aan but with difficulty, he will receive a double reward. When he works like this then it is a sign that he is working and striving for the sake of Allah Ta`ala. He is not chasing behind feelings. Many a times, it creates a great trauma in your mind, but this is the plot of Shaytaan. He cannot see you moving. Therefore, he tries to distract you. With the passage of time more doubts, confusion and ambiguity will arise.

Why the ambiguity? One simple reason is that we are not in contact with our Mashaayikh. They may be instructing us, but we may not be practising what they are telling us and this is because of our lack of conviction. Thus, they will be telling us something, but we are not convinced of what they are saying. The conviction will come when we bond with them and frequent their company. Your deeds will be in proportion to your conviction. The pious of the past had a very strong bond with their Mashaayikh and they never let it decrease and weaken. Through this, one gains stability in Deen and the love for Allah Ta`ala becomes deeply embedded in the heart. Once one reaches such a state it will be difficult for this person to be deterred. This is the reason for connecting with our elders.

One meaning of fitnah is where things are not clear and are ambiguous. You do not see the path to be clear before you. Under the circumstance, what do we do? For many people, just finding out and researching is insufficient. The Jews and Mushrikeen did investigations regarding the truth of Nabi (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) but it did not bring any results. Nowadays, it is more of a curiosity. Surah Kahf speaks of various types of fitnah, and when it was revealed 70 000 angels brought it. Thus, when a person recites it on a Friday then he is saved from fitnah for the next 8 days. In Surah Kahf, Allah Ta`ala does not give the details of the location of the cave or the exact number of the sleepers in the cave. The reason is that Allah does not want us to lose sight of the actual purpose and goal.

One also gains noor through its recitation. What is noor? It is an inner light through which the path of truth becomes clear to us. No ambiguity or doubt remains. But again, this will come when one has a firm bond with his mashaayikh. It is a simple procedure. The pious of the past would stay for extended periods of time. However, in this time and age it is better that we remain in their company for short periods of time. Nevertheless, all this should be done with complete conviction in the elder. Without this, no benefit will be acquired.

The misuse of the tongue can be extremely disastrous and dangerous. We don’t realise what trauma and disaster it can cause. The hadeeth says, “Promise me the protection of the tongue, I promise you Jannah.” It is an extremely important matter. Even if you are right you need to think how to speak correctly.

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