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Correction of Intention – The Cornerstone of Tasawwuf


(Summary of Mufti Ebrahim Salejee’s majlis (Saturday 9th February)

Once, Moulana Habeeb-ur-Rahmaan Sahib asked Hadhrat Shaikh (rahmatullahi alaih), “What is this tasawwuf all about? Hadhrat Shaikh (rahmatullahi alaih) replied that the essence of tasawwuf is tasheeh-e-niyyat (correction of intention): “innamal a`maalu binniyyaat” and the endpoint is ihsaan: “an ta`budallah ka-annaka taraah” (visualising Allah Ta`ala). All the sacrifices and exercises you undergo are to achieve this. Upon receiving this answer he replied that this has left me wonderstruck as it answers everything.

Hadhrat Shah Waliyyullah (rahmatullahi alaih) explains that the effort of the Ambiyaa revolve around three aspects. The first is correction of beliefs; beliefs regarding Allah Ta`ala, Qiyaamat, the hereafter, etc. The second was rectification of actions and conduct. This aspect was covered by the fuqahaa, for they defined and codified the Shari`ah and their efforts have stood the test of time until now. The fuqahaa themselves were mountains of piety and righteousness. The third was ihsaan. Ihsaan starts off with the correction of intention; is Allah pleased with what I am going to carry out. And this is the root of everything. Without it, even one’s imaan is incomplete and one’s actions and a`maal will be incorrect.

The crux of it is that you will have to get it to such a point that your mind is consumed with the thought, that is Allah pleased or displeased with this action. It should become natural like your breathing. It will apply to all actions in life whether relating to acts of worship or interaction with people. Once a person achieves this, you will now call him spiritually alive and self-motivated. 

Date: 2012-02-09

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