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Creating Perfect Love for Allah Ta`ala


(Summary of Mufti Ebrahim Salejee’s majlis - Saturday 23rd February)

True love for Allah Ta`ala demands that we practise the commands of Allah Ta`ala without asking the wisdom behind it. Asking such questions is a sign of a lack of love. A husband does not ask for the wisdom behind giving his wife a rose. It is the instinctive love that he has which prompts him to make the bunch available for her. This should be our attitude to the injunctions and commands of Allah Ta`ala.

The commands of Allah Ta`ala do have great wisdoms behind them. It is only once we fail to abide by them that we realise the disastrous consequence of not enacting them and replacing them with man-made laws. Look at the rate of crime, rape, murder, etc. This is all a direct result of failing to implement the injunctions of Allah Ta`ala. It is only now that the wisdom of so-called barbaric laws comes to light. We thus need to beg Allah Ta`ala to bless us with just a miniscule of His love. When we are able to accommodate the love of other finite and mortal beings in our hearts, then why won’t it be possible to imbibe within our hearts the true love for Allah Ta`ala.

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