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Commitment with Consistency


(Highlights of Mufti Ebrahim Salejee’s majlis - Saturday 4th May)

Allah Ta`ala speaks of two qualities that allowed the Bani Israa’eel to be appointed as leaders i.e. guides for dispensing hidaayat. One is the quality of yaqeen and conviction. When a person has the conviction of anything then he will be prompted to achieve it. For example, a matriculant has the conviction that his success in life depends on him becoming a doctor. Hence, he will thereafter dedicate eight to nine years of his life to acquire a mastery in that field. When it comes to deen then this should also be our attitude and outlook.

The second quality was that of sabr. We normally confine sabr to a very narrow meaning and feel that it applies only at the time of a calamity. However, it covers a very broad meaning. It actually means to commit oneself with consistency. Thus, in any given situation, one commits himself to deen with consistency. Among the things that one commits himself to, is the teachings of his elders. However, this again should be with consistency. It should not be for a day or two, or whenever one feels like. When one commits himself to their teachings and informs them of all that which relates to one’s islaah then this will allow one to gain progress in this path.

Among the most disastrous elements in this path of sulook is company. It is so detrimental that it can take one to the lowest of the low. Company and association is not restricted to just friends and people. Rather, it also refers to the things that we read or hear. Many a times a person’s mind is covered with doubts or his thoughts are scattered after reading an article, or listening to a programme or after seeing a picture. These should not be treated as insignificant. In fact, once it happens for the first time, then such articles etc. should be totally discarded. Some say that it isn’t a ‘train smash’. Yes, it’s not a train smash, it’s a ‘brain smash’ for this person is now perpetually troubled by these doubts and confounding thoughts.
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