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Assigning to Allah Ta‘ala after Adopting the Means


(Highlights of Mufti Ebrahim Salejee’s majlis - Saturday 1st June)

A great lesson that we learn from the lives of the pious of the past was that they would adopt the necessary means for their work and thereafter assign their affairs to Allah Ta‘ala. On the other hand, we adopt all the procedures and try to go the extra mile, but in the process we do not entrust our affairs to Allah Ta‘ala. In so doing, Allah Ta‘ala then places the entire burden on the individual and this is the beginning to all problems and agony. Eventually, this leads to depression, for one has placed all his trust on the means and procedures and not on Allah Ta‘ala.

We all depend on the grace and mercy of Allah Ta‘ala. Without it, we will not be able to live with ease. There is no harm in asking Allah Ta‘ala to grant one an abundance of material. However, together with that, ask Him for His grace and barkat. In this way, that wealth will be a means of blessings. Otherwise, just an abundance of wealth can become a source of punishment for a person.

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