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Getting on Track in the Journey of Life


(Highlights of Mufti Ebrahim Salejee’s majlis - Saturday 17th August)

When moving on this journey of life there will always be those sideshows that will hinder our progress. Allah Ta‘ala forewarns us: ‘Your wife and wealth are enemies for you.’ We are not required to treat them as an enemy where we will hurt and hit them. Rather, these are trials for us. We need to be weary of them. Many a time, the wife and children make the itinerary for the whole holiday. So this is a trial. In many instances, the men are to be blamed that we start off this journey of marriage incorrectly and give them equal powers and we don’t show authority over them. But obviously, do so without taking advantage over her.

In order for a person to be on track, what is required of him? Allah Ta`ala speaks of those who are rightly guided and describes them as: Yastami‘oonal qowl – they accept the message of Allah Ta‘ala immediately without any reservation or hesitation. Together with this, one’s heart also has to be clean. Many claim that their hearts are clean, but what does this mean? The heart has to be positioned correctly i.e. you are thinking right and looking forward for the message of Allah Ta‘ala. However, not every person will understand the soundness of the heart. Hence, it is the system of Allah Ta‘ala that He has made people who are experts in different fields. So for this also there are also experts who understand the soundness of the heart. They will be able to tell a person whether he has a sound heart or not.

One of the reasons for many people not coming on track is that we are looking for taste and not for guidance in itself. Thus we listen to and read too much, but then get confused for we have no objective and goal in mind. In our circumstance, the better thing is to confine ourselves to the few speakers whom we feel very confident of and understand, and then listen to them only. Listening to too many people will just make us more confused and cause us to just run after taste and excitement without any goal and objective. 

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