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Clash between Truth and Falsehood and Commitment to Allah Ta‘ala


(Highlights of Mufti Ebrahim Salejee’s majlis - Saturday 31st August)

When haq (truth) appears then there will be different types of responses. There will be some who accept the truth wholeheartedly and some will reject it. The truth will always be manifest like the sun, but just as a bat and owl will be averse to it as they are fond of darkness, so too will there be those who are accustomed to the darkness of kufr and vice, and thus reject it. There has always been the clash between haq and baatil in every level, international, national, and within yourself – you have the rooh (soul) on one end and your nafs (carnal desires) on the other. The nafs is such, that even if it reaches the rank of the angels, then too one should be suspicious of the nafs.

The demands of respect for the Qur’aan is that one should pay total attention to the recitation. Imagine if the president was to deliver a speech, how attentive won’t the audience be? So the Qur’aan is the speech of Allah Ta‘ala, hence it demands much more respect. In order to derive maximum benefit from the Qur’aan, you will require a clean heart, eyes and ears.

Normally in Ramadhaan we get the fervour to do ‘ibaadat, but thereafter it ceases. Hence, Allah Ta‘ala speaks of istiqaamat. It is normally translated as steadfastness, but the closest translation would be ‘commitment’. Commitment will mean that at any given time one has the thought and concern of that particular thing in his mind. In proportion to one’s commitment Allah Ta‘ala opens out avenues and ways. A person shows commitment to his wife whose favours are limited and likewise the enjoyment received from her is also limited. So how much more shouldn’t we be committed to Allah Ta‘ala whose favours are unlimited and the enjoyment that He will bestow will also be unlimited.  

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