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(Highlights of Mufti Ebrahim Salejee’s majlis - Saturday 05th October)

Compared to the initial years of Islam, Allah Ta‘ala had relaxed the laws later on. Likewise, with the passage of time, there are different forms of ease and relaxation – the phone, fax, email, etc. all on account of man’s weakness. As things become more difficult Allah Ta‘ala will show you ways of ease. But for us to gain ease in life, we will have to just comply with the will of Allah Ta‘ala and follow the correct procedures.

When it comes to handling differences of opinion that are based on the truth, then the simple procedure is that we will see the opinion that is in vogue in that particular area provided it is within the parameters of the sunnah. For example, in our areas Asr salaah is performed at a later time which is called mithlain, but where Shaafi‘ees are predominant then it is at their time. Hence, when we are in such areas, we will comply with that. If anything that goes against the sunnah is introduced then it will cause confusion and that needs to be avoided. Nabi (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) himself did not reconstruct the Ka’bah upon the original foundation of Hadhrat Ebrahim (‘alaihis salaam) just in order to save the people from confusion. Thus, it is important to avoid those things that will lead to confusion.

When you accept a wrong that has become a norm then you will become lax in some aspects of deen and firm in others. You will make a selective version of Islam. But what Allah Ta‘ala wants is total submission. You cannot negotiate in the laws of Allah Ta‘ala. After all, why did Allah Ta‘ala call us Muslims? Because we unquestionably accept the commands of Allah Ta‘ala. Are you going to allow your Islam to be influenced by public opinion? If people say that we are orthodox then we will leave those ways and if they say that we are ‘cool’ then we will follow such ways.

There is a wild beast within us and we need to discipline it. So how do you rectify and correct it? Don’t give it everything that it desires. It should not be left unbridled. You should control it. Among the things that we need to control are the ears, eyes, and heart. The sins of ears and eyes are known to us. But what are the sins of the heart? Fanaticizing and believing anything and everything that we hear. The hadeeth says that an intelligent person is he who has control over his nafs i.e. he checks before doing anything whether it is for his benefit or not. When the nafs is corrected then you will get the true sweetness of imaan and ‘ibaadat. Further you will be an asset and benefit for others.

The dunya is like a prison. In prison you won’t find everything to be comfortable and you cannot become familiar with everyone. So the same will apply to the dunya. If you remain a true Muslim then not everything will be comfortable and conforming to the dictates of Islam.

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