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The Solution to our Problems


(Highlights of Mufti Ebrahim Salejee’s majlis - Saturday 2nd November)

One of the chief reasons to the never ending cycle of problems is that we refuse to accept a third person’s decision and verdict. When it comes to matters that relate to one’s personal matters only, then one can choose what he wishes. If someone wants to eat a certain dish for meals then no person can force him to eat another dish. However, when it comes to matters that are of a collective nature then in such instances one needs to conform to the decision of a third party. Just for the sake of a peaceful settlement, great Sahaabah (radhiyallahu ‘anhum) would abide by the decision of a third individual.

What happens in many cases is that one party will get a fatwa from one mufti and the other party will get a contradictory fatwa from another. Hence, there will be no end to this problem. This stems from us having the mentality of not wanting to be bound by any law and system. Thus, the only solution is for all to agree to abide to the ruling of one person. Another aspect is that we should look at the problem from different dimensions and angles. Don’t only look at it from the angle that appeals to us. Look at the problem from the dimension that if I have to remain with the problem then it will be a means of ease for others. And why should I not allow the other party to have the benefit of the doubt?

In a marital problem, don’t only think of how much you have done. Think of how much the other partner has done. When you think in this way then there will be no problem. The right type of thinking is to look at your own faults and be concerned about that. This will then occupy you from looking at the faults of others. In the past, when faced by any problem, people would inspect the weaknesses within themselves and thereafter seek Allah Ta‘ala’s forgiveness.

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