Isolation and Good Company


(Highlights of Mufti Ebrahim Salejee’s majlis - Saturday 9th November)

Among the Sahaabah (radhiyallahu ‘anhum) there were 2 groups that spent their wealth and strove in the course of deen. The first were those who spent and strove before the conquest of Makkah and the second were those who did so after the conquest of Makkah. Allah Ta‘ala says that both groups cannot be equal. The reason being that the first group were striving etc. without knowing what was the future going to be like; whether Islam will prevail and be dominant or not. On the other hand, the second group strove after seeing the success of Islam. However, despite the difference in both, Allah Ta‘ala announces that for each one will be husna i.e. Jannah. Hence, people may say what they wish to say regarding the Sahaabah, but Allah Ta`ala has already announced that they are the recipients of His everlasting bounties.

In the hadeeth, Nabi (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) has explained that isolation is better than evil company and good company is better than isolation. Presently, going for nafl umrah and nafl hajj has become a like fashion. But what we need to see is whether we are investing in the right things. From the very beginning, we start talking to the air-hostesses, having casual discussions with them etc. Allah Ta‘ala has placed a balance within ourselves to judge our actions. Your heart and mind tells you that it is not right, but you still go ahead. By interacting with these non-mahrams all the good that we have is washed away.

A plane needs wheels and wings to fly. Without any of them it cannot fly. These are the basic things. So we too have to get the basics right so that we can move ahead. Sometimes we do not know what will touch and shake the heart. It can just be a smile, a wink of the eye or a smirk. Thus, the hadeeth says that isolation is better than bad company. Then on our way, how many of our namaaz become qadhaa; either our namaaz or the namaaz of our wives and children. Then when we reach the Haramain, then there are the T.V.’s in the rooms, and then we complain of the ‘Saudis’. So what was the benefit in going? So for people like us, we should ask ourselves whether we are going for entertainment or purely for ‘ibaadat. Then on our return, we try to bribe airport officials when we are over-weight and we are always worried about custom officials. So the better thing is to first correct ourselves and thereafter go. In this manner we will gain the true benefit. So we should go, but we should learn to discipline ourselves in order that we are not affected with the bad company.

Then good company is better than isolation. But here again it should not be just for the sake of convenience and worldly motives. In the past even the wealthy and monarchs would visit the mashaayikh. In general, the mashaayikh would not go to them, but they would desire that the wealthy come to them as this will be a means of honour for the wealthy. These wealthy would be affected by these pious for their hearts are connected to the King of Jannah who has all the treasures of happiness by Him.

We understand the prime for television and all other things. But have we understood the prime time with Allah Ta‘ala. The prime time is at tahajjud towards the last moments of the night. But for that we need to have a light stomach so that we can concentrate and focus. That is when one will receive the true enjoyment, and it is a different sweetness which you always wish to escalate. It is even better than the sweetness that one will get when being intimate with one’s own wife.

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