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Realigning ourselves with Allah – The Prescription for the Ummah’s Crisis


(Highlights of Mufti Ebrahim Salejee’s majlis - Saturday 16th November)

Allah Ta‘ala promises in the Quraan: “It is Our duty to assist the believers.” However, we find that from the 1930’s there was always a decline in the condition of the Ummah, so where is the promise of Allah Ta‘ala? The promise of Allah Ta‘ala is there and in place, but for every promise there are conditions. Thus, the problem lies within our own selves. Therefore, the first level is to identify the problem and thereafter look for a remedial procedure. The procedure also has to be an efficient one. If someone has a heart problem and is given aspirin, then it may suppress the pain etc., but it has not treated it from the root. This is what we are doing presently, where we take steps, but they are not lasting. Allah Ta‘ala says that there is a procedure which is a two point plan: (1) Repent – be remorseful over your mistakes. (2) Turn to Allah Ta‘ala correctly. When this is done then there would be two results: (1) problems related to rozi and sustenance will be taken care of (2) you will gain power and might.

Mere istighfaar is insufficient. Together with that you need to straighten up and get on track. You cannot show remorse out of convenience, that because you are in a problem you are making istighfaar. When you do not straighten yourself then you cannot come up with a comprehensive plan. Look at the situation in Syria etc. Though organisations are doing a sterling job, but it is just a temporary relief. It is not a comprehensive plan. So we have to straighten up and realign ourselves with Allah Ta‘ala. Though it cannot be achieved all at once, but there has to be a start. The greatest problem that we face nowadays is that we have forgotten about the life of the hereafter.

When the ‘Aad were warned of the punishment of Allah Ta‘ala then there were different types of responses; some totally denied the message while among others there were those who felt that we need to be guided but we do not require a nabi. We can acquire guidance by ourselves, as we are men just as he (the nabi) is. When you do not listen to a nabi and feel that you can do everything by yourself then your understanding also becomes corrupt. Filth and evil begin to seem as good. You will have to go by someone’s reasoning and explanation and that is the teachings of the Quraan and hadeeth. Doesn’t Allah Ta‘ala deserve something when He has honoured us so greatly and saved us from disgrace. Imagine if Allah Ta‘ala had exposed all our thoughts and fantasies that ran through our minds from the time we became of age. What would become of us?

Allah Ta‘ala says that He is the First i.e. there is none that precedes Him, and He is Apparent i.e. His existence is apparent and it prevails over everything else. In everything you can see Allah Ta‘ala if you have a sense of justice. He can be understood in everything though we may consider those things to be insignificant. Even the human seed that man pours out is a sign of the existence of Allah Ta‘ala. Hence, there is no reason for man to deny Allah’s existence.

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